ِAre you looking for a job? Do you want to study or do an Ausbildung?

Every new resident in Germany has some obstacles that he needs to overcome. We will support you through this process.

Our program offers all migrants and refugees, who could not start their career or continue their education in Germany, to overcome all obstacles in order to start their new life in Germany. Knowledge in German language is not essential to participate in the program. Our programs are financially supported from job center and work agency ( Agentur für arbeit). You can inquire at job center or work agency if you will be supported to participate.

1- Search for a job:

Finding a job in Germany cannot be hard, however, it needs some preparations in order to facilitate the preparations. Curriculum Vitea and cover letter has a special form in Germany which differs from other countries.


A cover letter includes qualifications and specifications of the applicant which make him suitable for the position he is applying to. When a person moves newly to Germany, it is not always easy to find out how a person should prepare application documents.


Through our program we are able to support with the preparation of such documents which would professionally reflect your qualifications and experiences and attracts your employer. In addition, we will be training together on how to act and interact in a job interview. We will be doing real time job interviews so as to allocate your weaknesses and give you feedback.


Which makes our program special is that we will be also helping you to find a job. Many people have difficulties to find job online because of the language barrier. However, with our help you will be able to overcome this barrier.

Through our contact to local companies we will be able to find a suitable position for you that will satisfy your needs.



General points:


1. Identifying and analyzing strengths and potentials

2. Preparation of job applications documents (curriculum vitea, cover letter)

3. Conducting real job interviews and giving feedback

4. Search for a job and vacancies



2- Studying or doing Ausbildung:

Studying at a German university:


Studying at German universities is for free and is available for all residences of Germany. Every applicant has to fulfill some requirements before applying which include acquiring recognition for foreigner qualifications in order to be eligible to study in Germany.

Through our program, which is supported from job center and work agency, we will be able to help to prepare all of the requirements needed to start or continue studying.


Doing an Ausbildung:


An Ausbildung is a form of vocational training or apprenticeship where students have to go to school and work simultaneously. The length of an Ausbildung is about two to three and a half years. The student has to spend 2 to 6 days at school and the rest of the days of the week will be spent at the company. This kind of education combines theory and practice in one place.


In order to start an Ausbildung, every student has to find a company which will host him during the Ausbildung. A formal application has to be prepared which includes a cover letter, resume and other certificates. 

Through our program we will be able to help you constructing a professional application which reflects your qualifications and experiences.



General points:


1. Support with the preparation for documents required for universities applications

2. Support with acquiring recognition for foreigner qualifications.

3. Support with acquiring recognition for school qualifications

4. Preparation of formal Ausbildung applications

5. Finding vacancies for Ausbildung



3- Overcoming the first obstacles:

Through our contact to many of clients that had migration backgrounds we were able to define and identify the obstacles that migrants or refugees face in Germany. 

Through our variety of programs, which are supported from job center and work agency, we are able to help to start your career or your educational journey in Germany.



Contact details:


CARSTEN PÄHLKE Personal management

Hamburger Str. 89a

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