ِAre you looking for a job? Do you want to study or do an apprenticeship?

Our programs offer migrants and refugees, who could not start their career or studies in Germany, a lot of facilitations in order to overcome the barriers and settle down in Germany.



German language is not essential to attend our programs. Translators for many languages are available to help you communicating with us. Our programs are supported and financed from Jobcenter and Work Agency. You can inquire at first at your local Jobcenter or Work Agnecy if the programs are available for you. 

1- Finding a job:

Finding job in Germany is not impossible for migrants or refugees, however, some perquisites have to be fulfilled in order to be able to find the right position.  Resume and cover letter are essential for a job application. They have a special form in Germany which differs from the English one. A part of our program is to prepare those for you.


Furthermore, we will be tailoring the application documents according to your demands and qualifications. In addition, there will be exercises and sessions on how to act in a job interview which is an important element of the application process.


Searching for a job on internet can be difficult due to language barriers, which are preventing migrants and refugees from finding the right job.  However, it is a part of our program to connect you with our partners that offer vacancies in the same field and to support you with the online search.

2- Studying or Ausbildung:


Studying at German universities is free of charge and available for all residents of Germany. However, recognition for educational qualifications must be acquired before applying to a university.


Through our programs, which are supported and financed from Jobcenter and Work Agency, we can support you throughout the application process and guide you with the necessary actions in order to have a successful application.




Ausbildung is a type of training (vocational training) which is common in Germany. This training has two parts: studying at a vocational school and working at a company. An Ausbildung lasts between three or three and a half years. In some cases, it can be shortened to two years.


In order to start an Ausbildung, a company has to be selected, which the person finds interesting. For applying to the company, everyone needs an application like a job application, so as to demonstrate their qualifications and qualities. Such an application can be a bit tricky for someone who did not start their career yet. Through our programs we will be able to assist you with creating a convincing application for your Ausbildung. In addition, thanks to our connections to several companies in our region, we will be able to provide you with Ausbildung vacancies in your field.

3- Overcoming the first obstacles:

Through helping and assisting many of migrants and refugees, we are now familiar with all of obstacles which a new resident in Germany may face. Through our programs we will able to help you settling down in Germany.

We are looking forward to hear from you. Contact us!

Contact details:


CARSTEN PÄHLKE Personal management

Hamburger Str. 89a

24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg



04193 880 660






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